This week in EDC I 336 we were introduced to a variety of image, video, and audio editing resources. This was very useful as I very much enjoy working with visuals and audio, but have little to no experience doing so. Using one of the suggested programs called “Visual Thinkery” I created a graphic to help remind me how to move through the inquiry process.  I was inspired by the “Competency Assessment Framework” image by the Pacific  School of Inquiry and Innovation, which was a part of last week’s material. While I liked the five steps they organized the inquiry process into, I wanted to organize it into a more straight forward visual for myself. Using open-licensed graphics found through Google Images advanced search option, I selected an appropriate image for each of the five steps. I then gave each step a name and a short description of its meaning.  Even though it is a very simple graphic, I like how clear and straightforward it is. I will continue to refer to this image as I work on my ED-Tech Inquiry project to remind me of the steps throughout the process.  I look forward to continuing to experiment with other audio and visual resources in making other blog posts. I truly believe in the importance of multisensory learning experiences to provide a deeper understanding and want to further develop my ability to create a variety of resources for myself and future students.